Coming Down the World Turned Over

This is quite an old one i wrote actually…First posted on tumblr. I decided to start things off on wordpress with this one ’cause this was the first ever piece of writing i have ever posted on the Internet, and most people liked it. So time for me to share it with the bloggers of wordpress…

This one was actually inspired by the song Black Balloon by the Goo Goo Dolls, about a girl struggling with drug abuse. This is my take on it.Hope you like it. 🙂

She walked down the path again…the same path she’d walked a hundred times before. Memories seemed to rush across her mind as she gazed upon the familiar lake which seemed to shimmer light across its surface, almost as if in approval to her arrival and welcoming back an old friend. For an instance the water seemed to stay still and she caught a glimpse of her reflection. Her face looked paler than usual but her hair was the same, matted and disheveled. She had suppressed her pain for too long, she felt light headed, as if she would drift away with the breeze running across her face. Her world of colour and light seemed to have turned into a grim and darkened world of black and white where her thoughts and feelings had manifested across everything that used to be filled with vibrancy. That’s why she had come here, to see it again, one more time. The Lake had never changed, its beauty was something too great for her feelings to stain and would remain a place that seemed unhindered and pleasant as if the world could completely forget about its existence and it would still remain untouched and sparkling. She wished her life was like the Lake, unblemished and perfect, a dream in which she could reach for the stars and spread her arms through the darkness like a galaxy spiraling through the darkness of space and time. She was brought back from her day dream and into reality as another chilly breeze swept her matted hair across. The Lake shimmered once more, she felt as if the Lake was mocking her for her vision, her dream, her hopes. The Lake was a place she visited often, mostly to think and recently her visits had become somewhat of an addiction. There was something about the almost balloon shaped Lake’s perfection and the beauty of the dark water that seemed to captivate and mesmerise her. It was her black balloon… It was something that was the same as her, lonely and placid, but the difference was that she was on her knees and the light from her Sun had been swallowed by the lies and her life had become a big empty hole. The world had seemed to spin beneath her feet and left her weak and defenceless on her knees. The thoughts came rushing back to her in quick, painful flashes. She hadn’t been thinking about tomorrow and let her life scatter, all the things she hadn’t seen, all the lies they’d told her had made her someone’s prayer. Was she someone at all? The thought about her existence frightened her. She needed someone… Someone who could come down her world turned over,take her hand and lead her over where she could finally go on to become….



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