Walking With Cracked Heels

The road to paradise is long and weary…

Filled with twists and turns that manifest into smooth highways or the ragged dirt roads. And you find yourself off the beaten path. And then you stop. You take a breather. You watch as the dust settles and the cold sweat drips down from your forehead and marks the scorched earth. You look ahead.

You watch as the dust settles.

You watch as the pale horizon brightens.

You watch as the life flows back into you.

And as the horizon becomes clear again, it reminds you of why you struggle, why you persist. The reasons that have stuck to your mind and encouraged you to push harder. The reason you started, the reason you are continuing, the reason you are not going to stop…

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been back again. Pushing ourselves for others, and dragging our cracked heels across the dusty cracks in our life.



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One response to “Walking With Cracked Heels

  1. C.MerC3R

    Read this again, this is my favorite of yours. Kind of tells me that even though life is compulsory, we try hard, even without that much of a reason- we live, and we give it our best. And some narrative critics here- I like the imagery here, much more vivid and often, imagery is hard without plot. Don’t want to go into details about why but.. trust me it is 🙂

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