Gazing Through Coloured Eyes

Growing up in a land of Gods isn’t easy.

A place where you strive to belong and try to impress those with coloured eyes. You wish to be one of them someday and then gaze upon countless others trying to break free from their shackles, so they can reach their brushes and paint theirs as well. Allowing the soft bristles to rub against their dark eyelids, turning them into flickering rainbows.

I’ve heard the stories.

I’ve heard of something called happiness…It comes once you’ve painted your eyes.

That is what they say.

That is what I’ve heard.




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4 responses to “Gazing Through Coloured Eyes

  1. This seems shorter everytime I read it. And the shorter it gets, the more powerful it seems.

  2. C.MerC3R

    haha, it does get shorter everytime. Maybe its because I understand it more as I read it more. Seems like a little note of.. yea exactly why I don’t critique proses… Its what you strive to do in life.. In a little message in a bottle.. #like but erm.. might I say- not mystifying.. I think I’ve seen better eg- “walking with cracked heels”?

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