Waiting for Time To Stand Still

When i’m alone sometimes i find myself lying on my bed doing nothing at all and just taking in everything that’s going around me. And most of the time it’s just so quiet that all i can hear is the sound of the clock ticking…The world just moves so fast today that most people aren’t even aware of time ticking by while others find themselves wrapped in a blanket of pain and cannot wait for their time to come to an end. This…is about waiting for that end.

I feel broken. Broken like an old tree. Broken like the antique clock but still ticking away the seconds of its life. The ticking, the tears. Tears moving through time, as memories, flowing in the river of space. Still here, waiting in the silence, bones aching, and fingers going numb as the cold overtakes me. Time still weeps. How long can the wait last? I’ve asked myself a million times. I’ve asked time a million times. Just a minute a way….another second, she’ll be here tonight. She’ll be here tonight. Hours past and still no word, days past and the only the sound of the antique clock keeps me company. A kind of déjà vu sets in as night falls once again. Age has overtaken this place of silence and solitude, as cracks grow wider. Wide smiles mocking me in the dark of the night. Hope has deserted me, happiness forgotten me, love rejected me. They say life always changes with time and that good times slowly erode away and a river of despair takes over. But is it so? Or is it that life stay so stagnant and repetitive that our mind grows tiresome when faced with the same truths or untruths, the same feeling of happiness somehow becomes too common that it eventually manifests into a something that we no longer care about and instead our mind allows bitter sorrow to enter and dwell on the dreams that haven’t come true. The wind has picked up now, its haunting song whispering the chorus of betrayal. The cold night sky speckled with stars glistening with the interlude that weakens my heart. I close my eyes, hoping she’ll come and take me away. She’ll be here tonight, I hope and pray. The ticking stops…she is finally here.



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2 responses to “Waiting for Time To Stand Still

  1. C.MerC3R

    Exactly what I feel, in prose 😀 alright loved the part about the “getting tired of the feeling of happiness” awesome. Other than that is is about death, time and the darker side of life. Getting tired of life. I can’t find improvement here- not my thing. Liked the “lists”. One of your best.

  2. Zulaiha

    You are really good at these!

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