Searching for A Cause

I always wondered what it would be like to be young person, trapped in the last few days of the world and not knowing what to achieve or do when there’s so little time. This goes out to anyone who feels like they don’t know what to do in the world, I’m sure you can relate to this.

Searching for a cause, when everything’s taken
Looking for the right, when everything’s a lie
Walking down the street with the same old graffiti
They’ve written down my fate.
You’ve written down my fate and just tossed my soul away.
Writing down these lines, which seem to bring down the walls
I’m still looking for a hope that will make them go away.
I’m still searching for a cause.

It’s like walking down a hall of mirrors.
You see yourself looking… right back at yourself.
Blaming yourself for your own misfortune,
You cry out loud that you hate yourself.
Is this just another one of those days?
Where the happiness washes away,
Just like the tide…flowing back into the sea.
Where the leaves fall of from the autumn trees
And the nights grow longer as the days stay cold.
I’m still searching for a cause.

Shells of hatred crack under my feet,
The once sunny beaches, cold and weak
Hellos and goodbyes forgotten and lost
And the only sound heard is the tide going back,
It leaves me behind…
Searching for a cause.




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3 responses to “Searching for A Cause

  1. Has to be your best. But I’m still waiting for something to surpass this, I am sure something will.

  2. C.MerC3R

    Its a poem! Thats scarier that prose.. to comment on..

    Since this isn’t exactly for entertainment, I’ve no real clear “good” mark except whether its appropriate or not. It does seem to be yes. But the whole thing seems to sound dry. And the fact whether I enjoyed it or not doesn’t matter because, after all, your not going for entertainment here, just information, on how you see the world, how you see a hidden reality that the others overlook. Maybe you need some more colour here, some water, the “feel” is quite dry.

    Your proses have had more deep meaning and I kind of liked them. This one needs some more colouring. To go with the poem that is. Again, this is probably because I’ve lost the need of looking for a cause in my life. Poems can appeal differently to different people. But this, I think its safe to say you could have gone with stronger analogies and put some deeper language in it, to make the reader want to read it over and over again, just like that short prose you’ve written before this. Pasting a “could be better” tag here.

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