Slowing Things Down

It’s been some time since my last piece of writing i know. I’ll get right into it. This is sort of a follow up to my previous writing…probably something a traveler could relate to. The moments where you just sit back and relax and just let everything come to you instead of rushing to it yourself. I hope you understand what i’m trying to convey here…anyways i just write what i feel 🙂 Enjoy

The movement over the horizon has slowed. All is quiet and the winds have hushed down and the last embers of the sun seem to brighten and glow, brighten and glow. A warning light, indicating the close of the day. I can’t move anymore, I have to stop and look. Look at the expanse before me. Twilight in all its beauty approaches. A magical embrace of haze and a dimming light, slowing down the Earth’s quickened pace until this moment. A moment, worth stopping for. A moment, worth cherishing.

Where are they all?

The people?

Is this mystical horizon seen by my eyes only? The road is all that is left to be followed. No signs of life or laughter…Only the magic. The magic of the moment. Only seen by me. It feels like I’m following a wormhole through space. An endless passage through time and space where there’s no fixed point of reference, just a matter of following the road. Every now and then, the wormhole leads me to places like this, places where my pace is slowed and you just have to sit back and see what’s in front of you. For what’s in front of you is what is real…no matter where you are. To see what’s real you have to slow down sometimes and beauty unravels before you.




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2 responses to “Slowing Things Down

  1. C.MerC3R

    It works. This is more like it.

    I was forced to read this slow, I’m not sure whether it’s because of my current condition but.. if it does work that way thats a good thing. What I like here is your(my? I don’t know) picture of the Sunset. Its something I’ve been reading about a few days ago 😉 The first paragraph and the short break is fine. Like I said, it works.

    After that, it seems you’ve tried to build up on your question. Here I felt a-bit thrown off by the statement of a “wormhole”, sure its relevant but it feels out of place. The word itself, overly casual atleast in tone. And then the following phrases directly after is also a little bland with respect to the beginning. Yes a little bland and if not, a little “uninformative and one-dimensional”. Don’t boil it don’t to plain statements, especially in the middle of a paragraph; no problem about the short sentences in the break but the aforementioned ones.

    In comparison this is something I really liked: “For what’s in front of you is what is real”
    Now thats more… it has more depth. You know what I mean, its not one-dimensional actually your teaching your reader to believe and to see. An accomplishment.

    And this, not to insult you but, I hope you do pay attention to every single phrase and clause(not sentence) in terms of tone, pace and depth. Especially because you have very little chance in terms of lenght to properly establish a full flow “connection” with the reader. Also YOU set the pace, fast or slow and keep to it. Fast ones tend to be re-read, compensating for the length, slower ones like this one are more- imaginative.


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