I’m tired of this world we live in. There’s so much pain and so much oppression that I no longer feel the need to explore it. But then something unexpected happens. And as always it leaves such a resounding impact on you that everything else is pushed aside.  Sometimes you find it in the moments where you let your mind wander off and letting it feast on the happiness of long forgotten memories of friends and family, of star struck lovers and lonely road trips across a vast expanse of beauty. What wondrous beauty our world holds.  And I see that captured in your face as well. You face that hasn’t shed a tear in a while and looks untouched by the world’s troubles. I long to become you, to become so carefree and outgoing. To be able to smile at the end of days and welcome it as a new beginning, and together walk to forgotten lands and rediscover the beauty that I had forgotten.





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