Something Amazing

Just when you thought you’ve caught up with the pace of the world, it steps on the gas peddle and accelerates into the distance. It leaves you sore and miserable and wondering just what the hell you could do to keep up. Endless cycles of day and night. Same old repetitive cycle. Sometimes I wonder how we could go on like this. Could we continue living like this, constantly trying to surge ahead in the endless marathon of life. Trying to matter? Trying to stay relevant? Can we keep this up forever? I’m tired of this race. Let’s just all stop…Let’s try to do something better.

Let’s create something new.

Something amazing.




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4 responses to “Something Amazing

  1. It’s the Physics. Getting to your brain. I shall pray for you after they announce the insanity.

  2. I agree with Sajith on physics. But this makes a lot of sense. We should stop this race, we should stop doing exams (nah, I’m just kidding!). Really love this!

  3. Dakshaka

    Finally read it!! 😀 Pretty good!!! 😀

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