Let Go

I don’t exactly know why I am writing this…maybe it’s because I am trying to study the hopelessness that is chemistry. Well anyway this post is about letting go. And if you are reading this and you feel like this is about you then don’t worry, you’re probably wrong 😛

I’m wandering off again. Away from the neon lights and the noise of the crowds dancing in their iridescent glow. I hate the noise, the constant buzz of people saying useless things to each other. You’re a bit like that actually, something I am trying to get away from. Maybe it’s the way you speak that does it. Or maybe it’s that annoyingly smug grin of yours that I hate so much. Reminds me of those lights. They hurt my eyes whenever I am near them.

But these things would all go away if I could just let go.  Just let go and wander off like I’m doing now. Let go of these things that are so frustrating and yet so beautiful to others. It makes me laugh to know that I think this way. There is a certain craziness to it. Maybe I’ll probably come back to this again someday or maybe I won’t. But it doesn’t really matter…’cause at this moment I’ve already started walking away.



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4 responses to “Let Go

  1. I see what you did here. I really do. 🙂

  2. This is amazing! I’m certain I don’t annoy you THAT much but I’m still feeling a little guilty after reading this. Great though!

  3. Hey, thanks!Good point! Sometimes I got to learn to let the pictures speak the thousand words that are known for. 🙂 I agree.


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