Walls & Doors

Alright so it’s 2 am and i just had to get this written before i totally forgot about it. I have no clue where this came from and i’m finding it pretty difficult to introduce it to you… Maybe i should just let you read it and just make your own meaning of it.

We’re always trying to open doors…we can’t help it really. People keep building walls around themselves and you always run into them now and then. It’s like this whole universe we live in is made up of them and the foundations just go deep into the nothingness but we don’t really care about that. Why should we? But there are the doors. Some are open, some closed, while some walls just don’t have them cause the people who built them just don’t want to let us in. Some doors are always open and they are the equivalent to the doors of your house where you can choose to enter or leave at anytime you want and the walls they are attached to are the ones built by those closest to you and you won’t even feel them there and almost seems like we are passing though them.

To me the walls with no doors are made by people who are lost and have built around themselves and purposefully forgotten to include a way of getting in or out. It’s maddening to think of living like that.

But sometimes we come across walls with doors which don’t open and trying to figure out why it’s closed makes you feel absolutely ridiculous as there could be a million different reasons why. But when you do open them…it’s just amazing and you could stumble onto the most amazing person you’ve ever met and it’s another piece of the universe you can have for yourself. Now that’s a door worth opening.



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4 responses to “Walls & Doors

  1. Oh goodness, you’ve bloody put my ENTIRE mind right now into words. I won’t comment on whether it’s nice or not, it’s fairly apparent, but honest to God, you’ve summed my thoughts beyond perfectly.

  2. You know what? You define LIFE. Love this post!

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