Broken, Confused & Lost

This post is special ’cause i think i’ll always remember the moment i wrote it. It’s another one of those little ones that i happen to come up with after a moment has passed. This is for anyone out there who needs it 🙂

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Just looking up at the stars or just hiding under pillows and blankets, lying there trying to make sense of something. I’m under my sheet right now, writing this…and it’s getting harder to do now ‘cause it’s finally caught up to me, this pain that we’re all trying to get away from. It’s dragging me down and ripping at my chest. God I hate that feeling.

I think you know this feeling? Can you feel it too?

We’re all so different yet we’re all just the same.

Broken, confused & lost.


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3 responses to “Broken, Confused & Lost

  1. I’m commenting here again after I re-checked on this after that little description at school today 🙂

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