The Great Man

This post is actually less about the Great Man and more about my friend Madhumita or “mbthecool19” who unfortunately is not in the best state she can be. This is for you mbthecool19, a loyal Federer fan. Keep fighting.

Remember those times we were up so late?

Those headaches and torments that went through our heads as we watched the Great Man play his best. How we constantly wrecked our heads in frustration in those tense moments where heart ache was certain.

And then you grew quiet and I wondered so. Where had you gone? This is not like you.

The Great Man played but where were your words? Those magical things that describe those moments. Through ups and downs the Great Man played. And through ups and downs your words had spoken.

And when you came back you said things were different. You were damaged goods and time uncertain. But I know you’ll fight like the Great Man did. I know you’re strong like the Great Man is. And now he’s fulfilled your final wish.

You’re not gone yet so I hope and pray. Pray that you’ll be there to see the Great Man’s end.



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2 responses to “The Great Man

  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I’ve never really known her personally but from what you always say about her, I know how much she means to you. We all pray for a speedy recovery for the Frederer fan.

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