Finally got this down in text. Had this in my mind for a while but never got to putting down.This one’s for Sashini for telling me to 🙂 

There is darkness in all our lives and there’s three kinds…

The first we face before we come to this world. It is warm and safe. It is the darkness of beginning and is the one we see in our dreams. The dark that wrapped it’s arms around and told us we were safe. It is all we know before we see the blinding light and it is the one most of us fail to remember.

The second we see and learn as we come into this world. The one we’ve been taught to fear, all throughout our lives. The one that makes the things we love disappear. We come across it everyday and we all have our reasons for fearing it. Some are just afraid of what it hides while others, even the blind, fear it because it’s makes them feel empty and cold. Nothing like the warmth we felt in the first.

The third darkness is a mystery. Yet we look upon it every night. The darkness of space. The darkness that we are mystified by and yearn to discover more. The darkness that is nothing yet everything. It envelopes the world we know and yet we have no grasp on it.  It is a beautiful and outrageous canvas that our world has been painted on. The one that makes us look up and wonder who we are…


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7 responses to “Darkness

  1. Sashini

    This is a lovely concept ^^ My favorite so far 😀

  2. iwasneverheard

    For the beauty in this piece of writing, Zeeshan, I thank you for sharing it with us. For asking him to share it with us, Shashini, I thank you even more!

  3. Love it! Excellent concept and wonderful execution.

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