Waiting for the News

You’re sitting there on the hospital chair waiting for the news.

Your mind is blank and palms are sweaty.

You don’t notice the man who limps or the woman with the sick baby. You’re just lost in your self. Waiting for the news.

Maybe if your ears were awake you would have caught what the couple next to you said, “Something about maybe and maybe about something.”

But you don’t notice anything at all. You are just in you. Waiting for the news.

As the footsteps stain the floor and the cleaner races to clean it. You are there in your chair, just waiting for the news.

A hand upon your shoulder brings you back to life. The wait is finally over.

The lips begin to move. The tears begin to fall. And after that you wish you hadn’t waited at all…


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2 responses to “Waiting for the News

  1. iwasneverheard

    There’s something so sad and true about this… and that’s why it’s so beautiful!

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