Six Sides of A Hexahedron

Two of these have been posted elsewhere by me some months ago but I thought of making it something more and here it is…          

For the Hexahedron. 6 sides. The 6 sides of the cube. <(“)

The Gift 

You’ve been given this gift of words and feeling,

Happiness, sadness and all our hearts reeling

I’ll hang on to your every word,

Every thought and wisdom learned

You string together such a perfect song

I could listen forever, please go on…

The Listener

You’ve been there with me,

Face to face and worlds apart

At times too early and times too late

But you’ve been there,


Words of humor, words of pain

You took them in with nothing to gain.

But you listened.

Listened till someone called your name.

And even then nothing changed.

The Listener, listening.

The Love

Hidden deep, deep inside

I saw it

A fleeting glance,

You brush it away,

You are afraid,

You say nothing

And I don’t know,

I thought I saw it,

for a moment there,

I thought I saw it.

I know I felt it.

The Broken

We sat there together

An arm’s lengths apart

Connected by the same feeling

You spoke of things that hurt

Spoke of things bitter and cold

They felt like they would eat your soul

And all the warmth would disappear

Leaving us a heap on the floor

And then we’d hold on to each other’s hearts

Keeping each other from falling apart

The Waiting

When the words failed, you waited

For the sound of the door

for the footsteps that would follow

For the voice that would speak

But the voice is cold and weak

The voice has nothing left to give

It is empty, a shadow of what it used to be like

Only a whisper that brings the dark

When it used to say Stay in the Light.

The Misplaced

Remember the lost and broken,

We are still that,

Nothing more and nothing less,

The misplaced just drowned out by their surroundings,

The forgotten put into albums placed on dusty shelves

Feelings and goodbyes are in our way now,

Stopping me,

Stopping me from saying goodbye to you

The only person that had mattered

The person that showed me every side of the cube

The listener of words.

Still lost, still broken

All that and alone.


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17 responses to “Six Sides of A Hexahedron

  1. As I type this comment, I’ve got tears not just in my eyes but running down my cheeks as well. It’s that kind of happy – sad feeling that I’ll never be able to explain fully. I don’t bother wiping them off, I don’t bother who’s looking at me and who thinks I’m messed up. I know the reason behind the tears. It is so very beautifully written. Zeeshan, this has left me in tears and I’ve saved this in my computer followed by an appropriate photograph. I’ve already read this several hundred times. #[ “]>

  2. Shit, this is absolutely amazing zeeshan. I didn’t cry, but I sure came close and simply beautiful…

  3. And all the warmth would disappear

    Leaving us a heap on the floor

    And then we’d hold on to each other’s hearts

    Keeping each other from falling apart

    …I realise I’m quite late, but
    This is just.
    Your best. Ever.
    ever. God the feels.

  4. I really liked it. A lot. The simplicity of my words might seem anticlimactic, compared to the glorification above mine, but yeah, I’m that speechless.

  5. Brilliant! Please tell me that you are writing a book of these, somewhere. I want to hold on to them so dearly, haunting, perfect, beautiful.
    You have the knack of writing just what is needed, like it all is a dream, not one word out of place, not one unneeded word. Please tell me you are putting this down on paper for the world to see, to take with them a piece of your magic, hide it under their pillow and sleep, tucked safely away!
    Ah, I could go on and on. Gold!

    • Ah, you are so kind! I don’t think I deserve this much praise but I am very grateful that you enjoy them! And yes, I am writing something, I’m not sure if it’s a book but I do know it’s a story. I only have pieces of it. They are more like conversations but they are very similar to what I write here. Maybe someday the pieces will all come together and we can call it a book haha 🙂 I’ll be make sure to share it with you then.

      • I have a pact with a few bloggers here, ones whose words I love. Occasionally out of the blue we send each other mails about nothing specific, just a draft of a few words strung together in odd sentences, like an unfinished brick house, half constructed and left to stand out amidst the tall glassy sky scrapers. These are the ones that are precious. Keep writing these conversations that just pop up, no background stories, like over hearing two people talk.
        And I’m probably going to insert a comment here that I have to regularly stalk your blog cause you don’t write too often and when you do, it takes my breath away…

        Maybe this time I’ll be a bit late but planning on writing letters to a few bloggers… want in?

        Tell me you are a literature student, or else I’ll end up wondering what is wrong with the world!

      • I’m sorry I don’t write very often! The reality is I write almost every single day I just don’t post them because they almost always feel like the wrong time to post them. It’s weird I know, but yeah it’s something I can’t quite explain. Please don’t hate me for this but when it came to picking between Literature and Art in high school, I picked Art. 😛 I did so because I didn’t want to do English as well Literature. I am however taking Creative Writing in College this coming semester 🙂

  6. I’m now positively in love with you, no doubts and its not the vodka talking!
    If it takes time to write what you write and how well you write, its completely worth the wait. I send mails with half written sentences, completely incoherent ones, one moment you are walking through the forest, the next you find yourself on the ledge of a glass balcony and all you can see below are clouds, its the random ones that I enjoy.
    The more you read what people write, the greater insight you gain into their lives, the whirring of the multiple machines in their heart..

    Post your art too! I’m lousy at painting, here’s two of my favorites –

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