Penguin Haiku

Penguin Haiku #1

Eyes are meant to see

And lips are meant to be kissed

Let me fulfil both

Penguin Haiku #2

The song is the same

Yesterday is repeated

But you are still new

Penguin Haiku #3

Your fingers are twisted

Around my own, and my eyes

Whisper don’t let go.

Penguin Haiku #4

The stars have aligned.

You whisper that it is time

Reach and kiss my pulse.

Penguin Haiku #5

The laughter had died.

All the children were crying.

You and I were lost.

Penguin Haiku #6

The Sun still follows

The path that God set for it

I just follow you

Penguin Haiku #7

Life works in patterns.

This is what you have told me.

I believe in you.


Penguin Haiku #8

I point at the sky

And tell you about the clouds

You say, “God is shy”

Penguin Haiku #9

Your hand on your chest

You pat it and say to me

“Well you are Our Soul”

­Penguin Haiku #10

The stage lights are off

I look for the source of heat

I find it is you

Penguin Haiku #11

I found a pebble

It is as smooth as your hand

And brown as your eyes



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2 responses to “Penguin Haiku

  1. Beautifully written! You keep doing it!

  2. Penguin Haiku #1 and #11 are my personal favorites 🙂

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