Beautiful Little Things

Here I am writing something beautiful for you again.

It seems that most of what I write starts off this way.

But you don’t seem to get tired of it.

So I’ll still write the same.

I’m trying to think of the best way to put you down on paper.


And there’s that pause I always take.

The pause after four or five lines.

This is where I sit and stare.

Not at the things in front of me but at things I’ve captured in my mind.

The moments you and I and others  have shared.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

I get caught up in it and the rest of the world is a blur.

In a moment I’ll make my choice.

And then I’ll take it and lose myself in it.

I’ll romanticize it so much that when you read the words your mind will be full.

Full of these beautiful little things.



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5 responses to “Beautiful Little Things

  1. My mind’s full of these beautiful little things already!

  2. I’ll never get tired of this post :’)

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