Nothing Crushes Us

These words are for you. I don’t think I will ever be done writing everything there is to be written about you and maybe the words don’t exist for the things to be said about you… It is really difficult to enclose everything you are to me in an envelope of prose. But I am going to try. And here is my first attempt.

“To Define is to Limit, therefore, we are infinite. And nothing crushes us”

So many years ahead.

That many days and that many nights maybe too much for me.

And so I looked for answers in you and that was when you made me see,

It may be long but it’s not forever and maybe in time I’ll come to see that the time ahead will be just enough.

And how, even the stars burn for so very long but in truth they burn long enough for everyone to live out their lives.


There is more silence today, maybe more than there ever has been but it is a good silence.

A thoughtful silence.

And so I think about the days ahead and how they will hurt and I will need you but the distance will hide you and the world will seem cruel.

And I will hate it for that. I think I will hate a lot of things.

And so I think about how I will try to keep this alive.

How I will salvage all the words I’ve scattered throughout my mind. I will collect them all so that during times when I fear the fading I will go back to them.

Relive the past just like Gatsby said so. I might be as mad as him.

And I don’t think I’ll ever feel alone if I hold on to what you have said.

Only when the words get broken will I truly be alone.

And I have a feeling you won’t let that happen.



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5 responses to “Nothing Crushes Us

  1. I have had around twelve minutes. I am still stunned.

  2. Every single line has meaning here. 🙂

  3. This is great! I like how you just wrapped everything around the best line in Perks of Being a Wallflower:) (at least the We Are Infinite part)

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