I made a new friend.

And through the fence I see a ghost…

I fell in love with the way our eyes met.

 So still.

 So pleasant.

And when I came back you were there again.

Right in front of me now. And you stared the same as always, it’s so fascinating to watch.

Everything about you seems like an echo and fades away before completion.

The smile that never really completes itself and I can see the words begin to form and then they just fade.

A Whisper. Not even.

You are a ghost, an echo that’s fading.

And as soon as I glance away I want to look back. Look and see if they are still on me.

And I try to think of the best way to explain it. This moment and the moments we’ve been having.

It feels like I had my picture taken by some apparition in the crowd. 

I had my picture taken.

And I want to know why.



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17 responses to “Ghost

  1. I was holding my earphones in my hand as I was reading this and halfway through I dropped them… just like that. It’s just so meaningful the words you write! Can I please, please, please reblog this?

  2. Those last two lines make it.

  3. It’s a picture, it’s a thought you caught in the air.
    You’ve been blessed ^^

  4. You’ve captured beauty in words
    You’re blessed, penguin 🙂

  5. its amazing….and it reminds me of a dear friend!!!

  6. Marin-The Ghost

    Thank You so much Zeeshan….. This is really special to me ……… Thanks alot…

  7. Marin-The Ghost

  8. Marin-The Ghost


  9. Marin the Ghost

    By the way thank you so much Zeeshan for giving me a beautiful thing… Means a lot to me… ❤ _Marin_

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