Penguin Haiku III

More Haiku from The Penguin… <(“)

Penguin Haiku #19

When you feel forlorn

Open up this page of thoughts

My words will find you

Penguin Haiku #20

I brought my ear close

And it heard the softest words

Beautiful secrets

Penguin Haiku #21

I grow so jealous

Of the wind that kisses you

And the light’s embrace.

Penguin Haiku #21

City lights spread out

The darkness in the empty streets

Like milk to coffee

Penguin Haiku #22

You are the red end

Of this spectrum of white light

You lead the colours

Penguin Haiku #23

Let go of my skin

I fear that if you do not

Your love will leave scars

Penguin Haiku #23

I listen to you

Because the sound of your voice

Fills my ears with you

Penguin Haiku #24

Will you teach me, please?

Teach me how to dance like you

Let me move with you.



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8 responses to “Penguin Haiku III

  1. Amruth

    This. Is. So. Sweet. :’)

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