Ocean Vessel

A poem for those caught in a storm

To me, you are an ocean vessel

A boat carrying the heart of a rebel.

Around this boat there rages a storm

That sends shivers up your form.

Only when my ear lays against your chest

Does the rebel heart finally come to rest

And makes the clouds and winds retreat.

Only when my ear and your chest meet.


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22 responses to “Ocean Vessel

  1. Reminds me of two things: The Life of Pi and Rebel beat. Good one!

    • haha you are the second person to say it reminds you of Rebel Beat. Although I must say none of those things were on my mind when I wrote this πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  2. what was on your mind? Oh haha, and what is rebel beat?

  3. I listened to it and… It sounds very familiar. I don’t know where i have heard it before. You were right i did love it πŸ™‚

  4. Sri Lanka… Thats on the tip of India right?

  5. I just want to live there because its something new. I think the only place i lived that was not in the US was guam.

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