On. Off.

Sometimes a day can feel like one moment. I wrote this on a day like that. As if the day started and ended with the flick of a switch.


What a simple and subtle way to start the day.

The way you glance at me as the sun turns on and the light welcomes your skin to the dawn.

How beautiful to begin with the scent of the coffee and your hair hovering over me.

The sounds of young birds. Awakening and singing such rich music, so natural and elegant.

And as the clock ticks away the seconds and minutes and hours of life, the feelings from that moment do not diminish.

In fact they only seem to bring rise to new, wondrous and more secretive feelings.

In the dimming light we are silent.

And your skin glows in a new way; it catches the light differently.

Seconds of staring. A moment of touch.



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