Penguin Haiku IV

Penguin Haiku #25

My heart is bursting

With these words I made for you

They are yours to keep

Penguin Haiku #26

How can I go sleep?

When you are out here, waiting

For stars to kiss you

 Penguin Haiku #27

I miss your calm heat,

The way it tickles my skin

And my soul within

Penguin Haiku #28

Draw along the stars

And you will see the pattern

It is our life.

Penguin Haiku #29

You still surprise me

Whenever I open doors

And discover you

Penguin Haiku #30

If it is at night

Your worries come out to play

Read the words I gave

Penguin Haiku #31

Whenever I fail

To give you words, I will make

Up with my presence

 Penguin Haiku #32

It is a good thing

You and I both share the nights

With our calming words

Penguin Haiku #33

I am made of glass

Standing right in front of you

Your eyes go right through




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9 responses to “Penguin Haiku IV

  1. Took time off from preparation to read this…
    I loved 31. It’s practically the BEST!

  2. #28 is my favorite! Love them all.

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