Edge of The Universe

This is a really special post, inspired by a friend of mine who helps me calm the storm. 

What is it? How long has this feeling pushed you?

Why is it that even when everything around you is gripping into you, as if the whole of the universe is trying to slow you down, do you still run towards this great glorious dream of yours.

What drives you to limber through the forgotten deserts, the ones where the desolation is not written in the sands or the snow but on the people’s faces?How is it that you look into them and give them your hope? The disease you spread is the pandemic the world needs.

How did this start? No one dreams of infecting the world, but you are the edge of the universe, so far apart from anyone and everyone, so ahead.
You’ve littered the streets with kindness, stolen people’s sins, broken into their hearts, you are the conniving force of empathy. The world is in love with your soul. And I am in love with the memories of you, the storms of happiness you created, the sighs that told me everything was going to be alright.

The people are starving, from the lack of your presence in their lives and I, well I am lighting the torches looking for you. I am searching still, following the trail of defeated pathos, revelling in the beauty of your aftermath.

I am getting close, I feel the aftershocks of your life and the calm breeze of your breath is blowing this way.

I am getting there, to you, the edge of the universe. 



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22 responses to “Edge of The Universe

  1. I’m speechless.
    Outstanding’s way too less.

  2. Wow. Mind = Blown. Exceptional work Zee ;O Loved reading it :’)

  3. ^.^ I’m glad I know you 😉

  4. God, this is really good. Wow.

  5. This is beautiful! Amazing

  6. I want to know who this is about! Your words make this person seem unearthly!

  7. Yeah. I kinda want to know who its about too.

  8. But i honestly dont think unearthly is a good term for this person… It actually sounds like its someone you deeply cherished every second with and then they were gone. If this is the case im really sorry and feel for you.

  9. Sweet!! Just a random question but, do you draw by any chance?

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