Velocity Girl

This is for you, Sara 🙂 

I am not sure if there have been others who have written things like this to you but I hope you find this an adequate thank you from a writer who more often writes for himself.

Reading this (‘City Lights’) again after a few years I remember how I found you and how it was one of the first posts I fell in love with and I’m reminded of the day we first connected.

How I first opened up to a stranger.

How I fell in love with your words.

You are probably one of the first people to truly listen to me and maybe because of that you were not the last.

I am not going to dwell too much on the way you weave your words, I would not be able to come up with a good enough explanation as to how brilliant an inspiration you were. But I will certainly thank you for them.

You are the reason my words have been captured here for people to see.

To have literally travelled over a thousand miles and see you will always be one of the greatest stories I will ever have. And to have a met you even for that brief moment in time was incredible and I can always tell myself that I finally caught up to the “velocity girl”.


^ I managed to find this picture on your deviant art page O_O, I really hope that it’s you in the picture 🙂


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