Penguin Haiku V

Penguin Haiku #33

I am the one hurt

All the troubles you will face

I have taken on

Penguin Haiku #34

You lit the torches

That burn in my lonely heart

Can you see its glow?

Penguin Haiku #35

The distance between

Your eyes and mine is the same

As the space between stars

Penguin Haiku #36

It always hurts me

In the dead cold of the night.

You softened the pain.

Penguin Haiku #37

Do you see that I,

With all the words I’ve made you,

Care for you deeply?

Penguin Haiku #38

Give me your sunshine

And I will take all the rays

And make you a crown

Penguin Haiku #39

I want to make you

Sense how special you are to

Me, and only me. 


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6 responses to “Penguin Haiku V

  1. Okay…those are all pretty awesome…
    The 34th is the best…
    You nailed it.

  2. I agree with everyone else. Number 34 was great! 

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