Penguin Haiku VI

10 more Haiku. Please tell me your favourite 🙂

Penguin Haiku #40

The pain comes in pangs.

Just like the evening showers.

I wish they would end.

Penguin Haiku #41

The only time when,

My thoughts and body are still

Is when your face shines

Penguin Haiku #42

Letting the tears flow

Is like liquefying pain,

And wringing your eyes.

Penguin Haiku #43

You have stolen me,

From the grips of cold, dead hands,

Wrapping me in yours.

Penguin Haiku #44

Believe that one day,

The worst things happened so that

Brighter days would come.

Penguin Haiku #45

Thank you for growing

Me in the soil of your heart

Water me with smiles

Penguin Haiku #46

 Stop the rage in you

Take the courage and the joy

Blow it towards me

Penguin Haiku #47

Have you still not heard?

The atmosphere sigh your name?

The sky longs for you.

Penguin Haiku #48

For the wanderer,

Every road is a promise

Of new worlds to love.

Penguin Haiku #49

Kiss me with your eyes

Do not spoil me with your lips

Please, keep them away


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