A Quest To Your Heart

I am still stitching up the words I need to tell you.

Some of them are stubborn and hard to pull together, and maybe I might need a little help.

Some loose threads of rhyme here and there need to be settled into place.

The shine on the punctuation brought out.

The curves must obey the golden ratio, everything must be perfect.

Lurking under the bends of the f’s and the g’s are the tidbits of feeling that flow and ebb across the plain of paragraphs.

They come together at the end, settling at the period, quivering at the question mark and exploding with the exclamation.

Little bursts of feeling, the right dosage of beautiful little things.

All of them sent out on a quest to find your heart.



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2 responses to “A Quest To Your Heart

  1. The ghost ......Marin

    cooooooooool Awsum

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