Highest of Highs (B&W)

You must surely know that I think of you
as one of the most important things in my life.

The stage at which we met was not the grandest, the circumstances not the boldest but even still, when I think upon the actual meeting there is something that is more than anyone else would think.

It’s something that makes me realise how lucky I am and how kind the stars have been.

 If it is indeed the stars that choose our fate then I thank  them for making our footsteps run into each other.

Do you remember the climb to the highest of highs?

 How the steady silence between us hid what we are today?

Sometimes silence is important, maybe it gives us a chance to look at each other and just take in the depth of our souls in the universe, maybe there’s something in you and me that foresaw the magic that would come, the words to be said and letters to given.

 Maybe the silent stares are just like the black and white photographs, a revelation of the soul and maybe it was then that I realised, when we were up there on the highest of highs, that your soul was a good one, a kind one and one that would listen.  I saw this as I held the picture of your soul in my mind, up there on the highest of highs.

Black and White.

Did you realise it too? 



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