Morning Sunshine

Do you remember this? 

When I say this, please understand that it’s me writing this.

It’s not some self help bot on the internet or some random motivational quote generator. It’s me, an actual human being typing away at his keys, giving these words to you.

You matter a lot to me.

I won’t talk about anyone else here, I feel I have no right to talk about how others feel about you. But this is me telling you that you matter to me.

You are pretty, you are smart and I did read your words.

They are the only connection I have to your existence when you’re not standing in front of me.  There is no need for you to jump or run any higher or faster than every other person I know. I have said this before, you hover and that is something I wish I could do. And the absolute gems of music and the beautiful little things your mind dishes out are things I go to night after night and make me feel truly blessed to know you.

Sometimes I am afraid, I’m so very afraid. There are many things that I say but maybe I have more that are unsaid and these are usually things that I feel aren’t mine to say and maybe I could give, do or say more to you, well that is what I feel.

And these words, the one’s I’ve just said are what I feel too.

I understand that maybe I’m going too deep with this, which is usually the case with me but when your words caught my heart, mine just had to follow.

I hope this finds you in the morning . 

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