Penguin Haiku VII

Tell me you favourite!

Penguin Haiku #50

If you are the Sun

Will you let me be your Moon?

Will you share your light?


Penguin Haiku #51

Do you think of me?

When and how often do you?

Do I haunt your mind?

Penguin Haiku #52

Start with the word “I”

Finish it with the word “You”

What goes in between?

Penguin Haiku #53

I want you to fly.

Feel the way I feel the wind

Just let it take you.

Penguin Haiku #54

Will you be my guide?

Will you walk me towards the light?

And then stay with me.

Penguin Haiku #55

I think I need you

More so than ever before

Are we the fated?



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2 responses to “Penguin Haiku VII

  1. all of them! some of the best I’ve read 🙂

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