I had this moment when I was talking to a friend where I just stared at my hands and thought about how incredible and complex they are and all the amazing things we do with them. We are capable of learning and giving so much using them.  I think hands are really cool and underrated and we don’t talk about them enough.

Look at your hands,

they move at your command.

Those actions are yours and no one else’s.

Think about all the things you’ve achieved with them.

Every pen you’ve picked up, your first written words and all the words that have followed.

Think about every texture you’ve felt.

The smooth and the rough, every crack in the wall you’ve traced and petal you’ve caressed.

Remember the things you’ve fixed using them, the satisfaction that followed?

Look at your hands.

Take a moment to marvel at the control you have, the freedom.

Use that freedom to make someone smile, uses it to free others whose hands are bound.

Use it to feed the weak and hug the cold.

Use your hands for they are free.

Look at your hands.

Take them and place them across another’s palm.

Feel the connection, close your eyes. Feel it and let yourself take in the action, the moment.

Just feel it.

Take your hand and trace your lover’s face with your fingers, around every curve.

Fall in love all over again.

Think about touch. Let it amaze you in both its simplicity and complexity.

Think of the possibilities we have, all the hands on earth.

We can truly move mountains.

Look at your hands.

Love them and use them to love.


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