The Leaves Fall for You

I wish we had Autumn where I live, I think I’d enjoy it quite a bit. Mostly it would be the colours that I’d love. Since it’s Autumn elsewhere I really felt like writing this. 

The time of summer, when the sun planted kisses on your skin all throughout the day, is over.

While we wait for its return you’ll have to make do with the kisses of the leaves as they fall on your face for autumn has come.

And maybe in the time that it takes for the leaves to disintegrate into the Earth and the Sun to return to its former glory, the soil will remember the pecks on your cheek and the trees will feed on these memories of you only to do the same thing over and over again across the years.

The trees, like the Sun, will never forget you.

I have just told you the reason for autumn.

The leaves, they fall for you.

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