Penguin Haiku VIII

Penguin Haiku #56

Why are you crying?

Allow me to save those tears,

Use them for your joy.

Penguin Haiku #57

Do you see those lines?

Around your eyes and your lips?

One for every smile.

Penguin Haiku #58

When will the search end?

This search for the whole of me.

Where are the pieces?

Penguin Haiku #60

Pull up the blankets,

Let your feet dangle over.

Remember the cold.

Penguin Haiku #61

Take me like the breeze

Blowing through the cold autumn.

Over and through me.

Penguin Haiku #62

Allow me to read

The pages I’ve written for you,

The words you have loved.

Penguin Haiku #63

Crumble all the bitter,

Mix it in with the sweetness

Swallow those sorrows.


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