Walk with Me

I wrote this a while back when the word “Rescue” was on my mind. I really love this one. 

I had sat down for far too long and by doing so I let the roots grow over me.

Stuck in this cruel embrace, I watched as life passed me by.

And maybe if I had kept moving, I would have found you sooner.

But some things you can’t change and that was why I waited.

And when you did finally arrive, you looked at me with your quizzical smile.

I stared back and said, “Will you untangle me? “

And then you came closer and whispered in my ear, “I will but you must promise, you keep walking by my side forever”

So I did promise and watched as she hacked away the roots holding me down and pulled me out, her sweat glistening in the evening sun.

“And now”, she said smiling, “You promised to walk with me?”

And we did.

We walked and I caught up on the life that had passed me by while I had waited in my prison of roots and she captured all the moments I missed and lived them with me.

And when the day came that her legs gave way, I stopped and took her hand.

“Hold on to me”, I said.

“You can’t hold me up forever?”

She smiled as she said it but I heard the sadness creeping through.

“But I promised you forever, didn’t I? You saved me, now let me save you.”

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