Some stories are worth telling a thousand times until they are never forgotten. 

What miracles have you seen on your way to me?

Tell me about every single one of them.

Do not miss out on the smallest detail

For they bring stories worth telling.

Now let me put those words in the fragile folders of my mind.

And after they settle, tell me once again. 



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8 responses to “Miracles

  1. OMG! I LOVE THIS. I shall tell you about all the miracles I saw on the way to becoming your friend!

  2. Great. Love: “the fragile folders of my mind.”

  3. oh how I love this! beautiful, Zeeshan.

  4. You are so innovative and perfect with the words you choose!
    “For they bring stories worth telling.” and in another post about” how lightly must i tread”
    It ws a grt experience to come across ur blog

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