Not Enough

I have always felt reassured by the fact that I have lots of great memories and that someday thinking about them is going to make me happy. I always imagined the memories being so vivid that it would be like re-living those moments and going through the same feelings as I did in that memory but today when I tried, everything in my mind felt distant as If I’m speeding away from those moments and the rear view mirror of my mind is only showing me a host of fuzzy shapes getting smaller and smaller as time passes by. This is probably the only post on my WordPress that has a longer introduction to it than the post itself. I’m sorry if this bothers you, the words just sort of leaked out.

the memories are too hazy.

The colours too washed out for me to be content.

The sounds too quiet for my ears to tell my heart

That I am hearing those words again.

There is much less feeling mulling over a slowly diminishing moment in my mind.

There is less joy and less of you.


just the memories aren’t enough.

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