Penguin Haiku IX

Penguin Haiku #64

Am I yours tonight,

Are you the cup that holds me,

And the words I spew? 

Penguin Haiku #65

Please, carry my soul.

Feel its weight in your soft palms.

Place it next to yours.

Penguin Haiku #66

Will you take a moment,

Just a moment, that is all,

To see me see you?

Penguin Haiku #67

Can I be your first,

 Last, and all the inbetween?

Can I be your all?

Penguin Haiku #68

Do not waste a drop,

Of happiness, sadness, fear.

Will you taste them all?

Penguin Haiku #69

Which way? This or that?

How long and how much further?

Allow me to say.

Penguin Haiku #70

Take me as I am,

And as I was and will be,

Yours and yours and yours.



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