First Snowfall

This photo was taken by my friend Zulaiha aka “The LSGMH” who’s in Georgia at the moment. Funny thing about the story of how we first met each other is that all of us in my class had heard more about her before actually seeing her ’cause she got a bit delayed coming into school but she did show up, eventually. I guess this is where the inspiration came from. 




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3 responses to “First Snowfall

  1. I cried reading this. I had to stop reading half way through to allow myself to breathe. This post is the best I’ve seen in your blog and it will always be something so close and dear to me. Thank you so much for the dedication and the beautiful intro. Though we won’t get to speak to each other every day and read off number plates, we will still be the friends we used to be when you were a numetricophile and I was LSGMH.

    • Thank You so much Zulaiha 🙂 it means a lot that you like it. This was one of my favourite ones to write 🙂 Really really love the fact that you love it 😀 YAY!

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