Penguin Haiku XI

Lips are on my mind. Enjoy! 

Penguin Haiku #78

Fill both of my lungs

With the breath of your warm kiss.

Let me breathe you in.

Penguin Haiku #79

I feel your lashes

Caress the skin of my face,

When your lips miss mine.

Penguin Haiku #80

The only silence

That is golden,happens when

My lips press on yours.

Penguin Haiku #81

Your lips give away

Everything you leave unsaid,

The sweetest secrets.

Penguin Haiku #82

Soft and pink are they,

The two things that make my day,

Right below your nose.


Penguin Haiku #83

I think about words.

All of which have left your lips.

All that I have heard.



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2 responses to “Penguin Haiku XI

  1. dood this is amazing. asdfghjkl:@ ❤ Epic :')

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