Thank you to all those who like and comment on my words. I love you all! Happy Valentine’s Day!

For now we’ll hide ourselves

In tiny shelters,

Look into each other’s eyes

And imagine greater spaces.

Where our backs won’t strike

Against the walls

And our souls aren’t hidden

Behind torn shawls.

Where we don’t need pretend

The ceiling is a sky which is peeling

and that light bulbs are stars,

dusty and fading.

Where your lips can feel the wind

And not just my breath.

Where the dampness is the rain

And not your nervous sweat.

I promise, a big promise,

That even though we find ourselves

Where only our little hearts are heard,

I will take your hand and lead you

Where our mouths can shout the words.


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7 responses to “Spaces

  1. ufff pure beaut Zeeshan! thank you for directing me here..absolutely loved this!! 😊

  2. Very beautifully expressed.Reading it i can easily make out how creative u are…well done!!

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