“I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul.

Where I’ll end up, well I think only God really knows – Cat Stevens”

I have never known where I’m heading,

For all the steps and decisions made in the past,

Left turns or rights, silence or a voice

Don’t allow me to see a finish line,

But I like to think we all get one eventually, 

Be it sad or beautiful or both,

I want one.

An ending.

A final end to a final beginning.

I want one so bad I am willing to wait,

wonder and wish for the moment

as long as I have to.

And when it comes, 

I want it overwhelm me, 

So that my heart feels heavy 

and my chest collapses.

I want an ending that defines everything,

that has ever passed through me 

in this life, asleep and awake.

A stream of eyes, smiles and conversations

that somehow add up.

I want the dreams and stories to blend

and give me what I will always cherish,

An ending to this story.

I want one, 

Dear God, I want one. 



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One response to “Endings

  1. I pray we get one 🙂 beautiful write, as always!

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