The Listener

I know I’m late, really late but Happy B’day  🙂 

Even if I have to piece back together

The thousand shards of this broken picture of us,

I will.

Because I can’t remember

The last night I saw you

Or even the last time daylight streamed onto your face

Even though you were right in front of me.

I can’t remember

And I dearly want to.

But still,

I grasp on to the thoughts of you that I do remember

The simple and the complex

And all of them leave me with the feeling

Of a deep and resounding earthquake in my mind

That has me wondering why I’d ever let you go.

It has me wishing that I’d grown faster,

That I’d have realised what I realise now.

So I promise to myself that i will do all I can

To right all the wrongs.

Somehow and someway I will fix this.

If I find myself in front of you again

I promise I will choke out the words,

Because I’ll need them,

But not on paper or a screen.

And I hope you’ll listen then

Because listening’s the best thing you do

And I’ve always loved you for that.

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