Our Infinity

Forgive me for this wall of an introduction, you can skip this part if you want but this post is very special.
It’s for 11 people I love very much.
For Sam, who I miss more than anything.
For Sudaraka, who is patient enough to put up with my midnight ramblings.
For Sashini for believing in the “Dominoes”, “Nothing Crushes Us” and every other silly slogan I’ve labeled us with.
For Himani, who loves to love just as much as I do and I was lucky enough to cross paths with.
For Kaveesh, who’s been a part of most of my stories.
For Mihitha, who I’ve shared more laughter in the latest of hours than anyone else.
For Minuri, who knows better than anyone how dramatic I can be
For Senura, who I always wanted as a friend. You’re certainly a wish come true! 🙂
For Sajith, for going along with my misadventures.
For Zulaiha, who’s stories are much better than mine.
For Sara, Yours were the words that made me write down my own and is here for the world to see. 

Thank You All and I hope you like this little tribute from me(including the little drawing above). Lots of Love! 


When I am most afraid

I will think of us.

Every story and adventure,

All the dreams I seem to live in.

Maybe the hope this brings

Will take me far enough.

If it does I will look back and thank

The constellation we built for ourselves,

This Infinite Loop.


Little Star

Do not fear,

Your place will always be here

You will always be the eclipse in my face,

The shadow that lingers with my own.

And it’s together we will taste

The raspberries and rum

In the centre of this galaxy.

Enjoying every little moment

On the way there.


Center of Infinity

One night I watched

All your stars fly across.

I was still

As everything else

Danced in front of me.

Your words, your smiles

Your faces.

But I was glad to see

Myself in the center

Of this infinity.

Thank you for letting me

Slip into your gravity

And letting me be

A part of this “we”.



I don’t remember when

But I do know for sure that

I am part of something.

Something immensely special.

I feel we’ve drawn each other

By the force of who we are.

You being you.

Me being me.

Our own force of gravity.


Heat & Light

I’m not sure

Which clouds made

The stars that made you.

But I would have loved

To have seen the moment

Where the Heat & Light appeared

And the atoms that became you

First met the atoms that became me.



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6 responses to “Our Infinity

  1. Zeeshan! This is beautiful! I’m so glad I have a friend like you :’)

  2. Truly honored to be on the list, Zeeshan ❤ Thank you so much for the sweet thought! I resonate with your words and the loving heart from where they flow..its a blessing to have crossed paths 🙂 Grateful.

    Loved the poetry, as always..Center of Infinity..one of my top favourites by you! 🙂 Much love x

  3. Mihitha B

    I don’t know what to say :’) simply beautiful!

    Loved each word of this ❤

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