I Don’t Understand

I still don’t understand it,

How the sky touches the sea

But the wind still moves between them.

I cannot comprehend,

How it rains when it shines

And tears accompany smiles.

Would you tell me,

If the ocean is just land

That we choose not to believe in?

Like the ghosts in our stories

That walk through us all.

Is that why we fall through

The water?

Is that why we fear drowning?

Can you take the time to explain,

If the muscles that make me smile

Sweat tears just to do so?

Is that why my eyes weep

When I am kissed by the rain

And also by the sun?



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3 responses to “I Don’t Understand

  1. Oh wow Zee, this is one of those things I’ll never get tired of reading. A series of questions but more than the questions themselves are the answers I long to hear, the answers I long to believe. Thank you for sharing this… you’ve got me wondering all over again 🙂

  2. A pure gem that tugs deep, loving this ❤

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