Breaths We Breathe

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Sending my love to all of you out there, with every breath I take. 🙂

Love is realising that we

Are constantly breathing each other’s breaths.

Knowing, that each breath you take

Has something of someone else

A sigh, a laugh, a cry, an exasperation.

Love is knowing that each breath you take

Has been taken before

And it’s not just the oxygen from the trees

Or the giving nature of their leaves

That is keeping us alive.

It is the breath of you,

The breath of me

And the breath of all of humanity,

That keeps all of us warm

On the coldest of days.

Think of what else our breath has given,

The words we speak

The prayers we ask,

The portraits on windows

As it fogs up the glass.

I am almost convinced that our lungs love

Even more than our hearts.

For how would our hearts even beat,

If it wasn’t for the breaths we breathe?



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3 responses to “Breaths We Breathe

  1. Marin

    Its Beautiful Zeeshan ❤

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