I like your face,
Not for the way
It catches the light
But for the way
I struggle
To find the words
That could come close
To perfectly describing
Every little feature,
Every blemish and line,
The light freckles,
And all those rippling wrinkles,
Underneath your smiling eyes.
I want to tell you
Now I must touch
For I feel the need,
This need to feel
The skin that sits on your skull.
So let me know,
If the words I have here
Are enough for you to see
That the moment I first saw
Your visage that I speak of
Was the time I planted some words as seeds.
And watched them grow into trees
With poems under every leaf.


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6 responses to “Poetree

  1. Forelsket.

    Oh my gosh. I love this! ❤

  2. This is perfect C:
    Great job Zeeshan.

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