Are You Listening?

Here’s something new written the way of something old. 

I don’t think you realise how much I miss you. I know that you’ve heard so little of me and I know that I have only myself to blame for that.

But every moment that thoughts of you crawl into my brain, even a single faded memory, puts me in such agony that I can feel it growing inside my chest. Trying to burst out a piece that has somehow lodged itself in my heart.

Will you even listen to me now?

I don’t know and maybe I never will. That is unless you see these words someday and give me some in return. But I am afraid. Still so very afraid that I can only do worse. And anything my words will touch will only do harm to this fragile glass you and I have become. I am afraid that the next words you hear from me will finally split the cracks and everything good that we ever had will finally shatter.

There are times where I wish everything I know about you would just disappear from my memory but how can I erase so much of what I love. It hurts to remember but I feel it would hurt even more to forget.


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8 responses to “Are You Listening?

  1. Deep… made me think.

  2. Marin

    Zeeshan i miss you ❤

  3. Marin

    yes i will email you but unfortunately i don’t have one 😦 but i wonder what will happen when you go to Dubai… i am gonna miss you so much ❤

  4. Marin

    Skype? but you rarely use it right? 🙂

  5. Marin

    Heheh.. awww that”s so sweet 🙂 ❤ (love ya <3)

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