Do Not Wane


I want my hands to land

On places of your skin

Your clothes fail to cover.

The light curve off your arms

Exposed by your slipping cuffs,

The nape of your neck,

Peering through your loose collar,

The silvers of your complexion,

Spilling through the net of loose threads.

For someone so delicately simple,

You are still so exciting,

Not in a way that sets off an unforgiving blaze

But a warm, ebbing flame


Well, maybe not a flame,

For I fear that would mean you burn me out too quickly.

You’re the glow at the end of a cigarette,

You are quiet, methodical even

And I spend every moment trying,

To keep away the urge to breathe in deeper,

To tug you closer,

And so I pray,

“Do not wane,

Do not wane.”


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7 responses to “Do Not Wane

  1. This is one unlike any other. So in love with this!

  2. The Intensity behind the simple words is reflective. I liked it 🙂

  3. Beautifully captured 🙂 I could almost picture the person as you described her 🙂

  4. Keep on writing, great job!|

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