The Dust that Settles

Happy Anniversary to two extraordinarily special people, Sudaraka and Lilakshi! I know I’m a few days late but I hope you take kindly to these words I wrote for you. I love the fact that the two of you exist and love each other; it’s truly beautiful to see. 


People too often, settle.

They settle themselves to merely complaining about the dust that’s collecting on the shelves and layering the glass on the window. We are so easily pulled into the idea that things should always remain exciting and for it to fade means the end. We are so vulnerable to the dust that settles until all the things we’ve fallen in love with, the skin, the soul, the shadow is hidden and forgotten.

Take the time, please do. Every now and then to wipe away the dirt. Push away the grime. The one you care about is just as easily covered by time, distance and life itself. Life is the weariest thing and there’s more than just dust that can hide away the things you should always keep in view.

So dust each other off, it only takes a gentle caress against the face, and they’ll never fade away.


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